B.C. Binning

Bertram Charles (BC) Binning was one of Canada’s foremost modern artists, architectural innovators, and educators. His early work from the 1940s was characterized by elegant, expressive yet controlled line drawings, often with nautical themes, using brilliant colour to express the painting’s flatness as a structural element and emphasizing a strong sense of order and composition. In 1941 Binning designed and built his flat-roofed, post-and-beam home in West Vancouver, which became the key example of West Coast modernist design, shaping the area’s architectural landscape for the next decade. His interest in architecture led to the design of large mosaic murals for public buildings, including the British Columbia Electric Building (1955). This interest also informed his paintings from the 1960s and 1970s which gradually evolved to purely abstract forms and explorations of clear colour and form.

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BC Binning



Oil on paperboard

  • Framed size: 24" x 19"
BC Binning

Fairweather Signals

c. 1956

Oil on canvas on board

  • Framed size: 25 1/4" x 18 1/2"
BC Binning

Picture for Peter


Oil on Board

  • Framed size: 19" x 21"
BC Binning

Electronic Aesthetics


Oil on Panel

  • Framed size: 24 1/4" x 24 1/4"

Inquire About Binning, Untitled, n.d.

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