Harold Town was a founding member of Painters Eleven, group of artists based in Toronto that helped introduce Canadians to modernist movements such as Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s. Town developed a style of prints which he called “Single Autograph Prints”, in which he gained critical acclaim for. These monotype prints were created using vivid colours and shapes through overlaying inks, sometimes using collage to add dimension and texture to his pieces. By 1960, Town’s painting career took off as he became recognized for his compositions and unpredictable use of colour. His dedication to art was shown through his ability to work with a variety of materials and subject matter in sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting.   

Selected Works

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Estate of Harold Town

Park #10


Oil and Lucite 44 on Canvas

  • 28" x 23"
Estate of Harold Town

Park #55

c. 1972

Oil and Lucite 44 on Canvas

  • 29" x 21"
Estate of Harold Town



Oil on Lucite on Cradled Masonite

  • 39" x 31"
Estate of Harold Town

The Sentinel Tree


Oil on Masonite

  • 48" x 48"

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