A Coloured Image of the Sun is Angela Teng's third solo exhibition with the gallery. Since graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2011, Teng has delved into the nature of paint as a medium, challenged its typical support - the canvas - and scrutinized the character of gesture. Using several distinct methods, Teng typically produces intimately scaled works with a handmade sensibility that brush against the status of the large canvases of twentieth-century (mostly male) abstract expressionists.
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Angela Teng

Angela Teng

Angela Teng’s work reconsiders what is traditionally required to make a painting, and then suggests otherwise by renegotiating how a picture can be made. Her painting practice utilizes a laboured dedication to the process of craft through abstraction and studio-based exploration of materials. Her crocheted acrylic ‘paint-paintings’ manipulate ways of paint handling, while her works on hand-made crocheted cotton/linen surfaces celebrate the application of thick oil paint with a brush. Her patterns generate an optical buzz created from the marbling of paint, wobbly form, and through experimenting and observing the optical interaction of colours one upon another.

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