Maggee Day

Maggee Day

Maggee Day’s works are notable for a sense of freedom, cultivated by the space outside of the canvas as much as what is in and on the paintings’ surfaces. Compelled by the architecture, streetscape, and views observed from her studio and home, the ingresses to Day’s spaces—windows and doorways—are the foundation of her recent bodies of work. Her choice of the familiar as the fundamental site of her study allows for a more experimental yet detailed exploration of materials and processes, and while her paintings appear as abstractions, they are in fact drawn from her surroundings. She explains: “Placing parameters on my work has been the opposite of restricting, it has encouraged new ways of thinking or creating.” Her paintings serve as a type of visual archive, responding to changes in the city, its seasons, and environments, with each painting beginning anew in response to ever-changing external stimulus.
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Maggee Day, Mulled, 2023

Maggee Day, Crown, 2023

Maggee Day, Crossroad, 2023

Maggee Day, Bucket, 2023

Maggee Day, Lattice, 2023

Maggee Day, Hanger, 2023

Maggee Day, Shuffle, 2023

Maggee Day, Window, 2022